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Alumni Corner

Aaron Lam, a 400m runner from the Tenderloin, recently received his B.A. Degree in Criminal Justice from San Francisco State University. This new “purple and gold” graduate came to MacCanDo in 2007 with three other kids from the Tenderloin. Because all four members were born in 1993, “The Year of the Rooster,” they were affectionately called “The Roosters.” They dedicated themselves to MacCanDo, qualifying for the 2008 ICG (International Children’s Games) in San Francisco and the 2009 AAU Junior Olympics at Drake Stadium in Des Moines, Iowa.


Aaron pursued higher education at San Francisco State University, the alma mater of Coach Rob and Coach Yuko. After receiving his B.A. degree in September 2015, Aaron sent the following message to Coaches Rob and Yuko:


“Coaches, just want to share my accomplishment with you guys because you’ve been with me every step of the way! You two have been my second set of parents in this crazy world we live in, and I couldn’t have asked for a better blessing than that. Thank you.”


We are very proud of Aaron, the first MacCanDo Tenderloin Youth Track Club member to graduate from college. We are also proud of his supportive parents.

Voices from the MacCanDo Family

 "This program helps raising our kids to be decent human beings in this world".

Angela M., parent


"MacCanDo is a wonderful extended family".

Anne B., parent


"I tried many sports but never found my calling until I came to MacCanDo - this is the sport that I like to challenge myself to the extreme and continue for the rest of my life -  track and field".

D. N., athlete


"MacCanDo is not a sports program, it is a family. And one day, I want to go to the Olympics".

A. L., athlete

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