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2015 Nike Young Athlete Run, Kezar Stadium

Maya L., P.J. L., Lilo B. and Gabriel Z. participated in the First-ever Nike Young Athlete Run at our home track, Kezar Stadium on October 17, 2015. This event was a part of the overall Nike Women SF weekend with a long-standing Nike Women’s Half Marathon held on October 18.

12 years old Maya L., a veteran middle distance runner, took off the last lap around the 150m mark, as her coach always tells her to do. All her teammates followed her to the finish line: a 9-year-old rookie Gabriel, 12-year-old girl, Lilo and Maya’s sister P.J. followed her and finished the 800m run. MacCanDo kids swept first to the fourth place in the 800m Run at the First Nike Young Athlete Run!

The team is in the middle of fall training. This was a nice friendly weekend event for the kids. 

Congratulations Coach Yuko!

Athlete Profile - Japan W40 4x100 Relay Team

"The most important thing to us was to participate." This is what motivatedKumiko Kajiwara, a W40 Heptathlete; Makiko Sueyoshi, a W50 Steeplechaser (a Sliver medalist in 2000m SC); Yumiko Tamada, a W60 jumper and Yuko Hayashi, a W55 sprinter recovering from meniscus surgery to compete in the 4x100 in Lyon last month.

A relay team captain, Kumiko Kajiwara, organized and led the team. Makiko Sueyoshi, who won the silver in 2000m SC in W50 just one hour before the relay race, gave up her medal ceremony and dedicated herself to the team. Yumiko Tamada and Yuko Hayashi competed against athletes who are almost 20 years younger than them but it did not matter because "it was a once in our lifetime experience".

They fought well and got the baton around the oval which was better than 2 teams could do so they placed 7th out of 9 teams! They were pleased with their performance and honored to run for Japan. Masters Athletes are not always top ranked, winning a medal or even close to the next competitor but we are participating! Participation keeps us active and healthier which is why we at, Inc. work so hard to encourage and motivate you to participate and strive to excel.

Gold and Silver - June 2015

AAU Region 22 National Qualifiers


BREAKING NEWS - GOLD and SILVER for MacCanDo Jumpers!


On the weekend of June 12-13, MacCanDo team captain Sean Love and rookie 8 year-old Makya Barnes competed at the AAU Region 22 National Qualifiers at the Oakdale High School in Oakdale, CA.


In spite of a sizzling 103 degree temperature, Sean Love jumped his season’s best, 33 feet in triple jump, winning a Silver Medal in his age group.


Rookie 8-year-old Makya competed in three events. In her first event, the long jump, she jumped 11 feet 10.50 inches, more than a foot longer than her personal best, and won the second Gold Medal this season. Makya’s first Gold Medal was won at the Tommie Smith Youth Track Meet this past May. She also ran 100m and 200m dash, marking her personal best in both events.


Congratulations to both as they advance to the National Junior Olympics.

Sucess Stories-The Olympic Club

Runners World July 2014 issue features Coach Rob and the MacCanDo

Read all about MacCanDo and the historic Kezar Stadium. 

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Article from The Olympic Club

Congratulations Coach Rob!!!

Coach Robert McDaniels won the  100m Hurdles M55 Division at the All Japan Masters Athletics held in Saga, Japan on September 7, 2013 with a time of 15.96. Coach Robert currently ranks 3rd in the USA 2013 Masters Outdoor rankings in the  100m Hurdles M55 Division.

Click here for a picture. 

Congratulations to Coach Rob

Coach Rob placed 5th in the 60m hurdles M55 division at the 2013 USA Masters Track & Field Indoor Championship held in Landover, MD, March 21-24. This was the first time he ever ran an  indoor track and field event. Congratulations!

ICON Chiropractic offers the MacCanDo Sportsman Scholarship

ASIAN WEEK - 2012 Junior National Olympics in Houston, Texas

Athletes qualify for the 2012 Jr. National Olympics!!! Click here for the news article.

List of MacCanDo athletes who qualified to compete in Houston, Texas 2012. Congratulations to the following individuals: 

L Sweeney - shot put
C Eik - shot put, javelin, discus
L Chen - shot put, discus
J Buenaventura-Smith - 100m and 200m dash, 4x100m relay
D Eik - 4x100m relay
R Tieu - 4x100m relay
M Wheaton - 4x100m relay, long jump
S Smith - long jump
S Fulton - 80m hurdles
T Claros - triple jump
E Alvarado-Lobo - 200m hurdles, triple jump, high jump, javelin throw

And, congratulations to M Alvarado-Lobo for running100m & 200m dash and long jumping. She is 5 years old. And staying in her lane and finishing the race without her mommy is phenomenal!

ASIAN Week - MacCanDo Athlete Sets New Record!

Congratulations to Coach Yuko!

MacCanDo is very proud to announce that our assistant coach, Coach Yuko received the 2011 Community Impact Award (in the area of Physical Fitness) from the North of Market Business Association.The awards were given to seven individuals who have been dedicated to improve the community, working with diverse people and organizations to strengthen the neighborhood (The North of Market including Tenderloin).

ASIAN Week - 14 Athletes Qualify for the Jr. National Olympics in 2011

ASIAN Week - Athletes Qualify for Jr. Olympics - 2010

Click Here - Ten members have qualified for the National Junior Olympics!!!

List of MacCanDo athletes going to Norfolk, Virginia. Congratulations to the following individuals:

K Balarezo

M Baun

L Chen

C Eik

D Eik

E Fischer

A Garth

E Morrison

J Morrison

N Menchero

L Tate

A Turk

Press Release June 24, 2010

Ten MacCanDo athletes have qualified for the National Jr.Olympics!!!!

Click here to read the article.

Read Elks Lodge No.3 Article on MacCanDo

Read About Coach Robert McDaniels' Inspirational Coach - Harry Marra

We are back from Iowa 2009!!!

Dream Come True for Junior Olympic Athletes - 2009

Ten members are going to the National Jr. Olympics in Des Moines, Iowa!!! Congratulations to the following individuals:

M Baun                                                   800m Run

C Eik                                                       Shot-put, Discus, Javelin

D Eik                                                       100m Dash

A Lam                                                     4x100m Relay Team

J Morrison                                               200m Hurdles

A Molina                                                  4x100m Relay Team

B Nguyen                                                Long Jump

D Nguyen                                                4x100m Relay Team

E Wang                                                   Long Jump

S Xie                                                       800m Run, 4x100m Relay Team

Read the City Insider (July 2009)

Read the Asian Week article, scroll to the bottom.

Click on the link to watch the July 9, 2009 broadcast on Channel 7 (San Francisco)


USATF Regional Junior Olympics

Region 14 Jr. Olympic Track and Field Championships, Bakersfield, California, July 10-12, 2009.

Congratulations to the following individuals:

L Chen                                                  Shot Put                                            

C Eik                                                     Shot Put

J Morrison                                             200m Hurdles

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