MacCanDo Tenderloin Youth Track Club


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MacCanDo Tenderloin Youth Track Club is a registered non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.


Make check payable to:

MacCanDo Tenderloin Youth Track Club

P.O. Box 420455

San Francisco, CA 94142


Questions??? Please call:

Mr. Robert McDaniels


MacCanDo Tenderloin Youth Track Club

Phone: (510) 375-2380

Big Thanks!!!

MacCanDo extends its sincere thanks to the following organizations and individuals who believe in our dreams:

The San Francisco Foundation

Department of Children, Youth and their Families

Swinerton Builders




San Francisco Elks Lodge No. 3

San Francisco Parks Trust, Inc.

Bay Area Women’s and Children’s Center

Superior Automotives

William Spivey Memorial Fund

West Valley Track Club

TNDC (Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation)

Hilton Hotel San Francisco

San Francisco Police Officers Association

Mr. Michael F. Denny

Dr. Gail Whitaker

Capt. John Garrity and Tenderloin Task Force

Capt. Gary Jimenez

Ms. Barbara Wismer

Mr. Fred Greaves

Special thanks to:

Tom Carter

Michael Nulty

John Nulty



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